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Innovative Internet of Things (IoT) 

Companies of all types are connecting their sensors and devices to the internet to improve their services, power their productivity and ramp up their revenue. Yet, to truly make the most of this situation, businesses require expert input from people with specialized knowledge of IoT.

IoT App Development

We work side-by-side with clients to identify exactly the technologies needed to connect their devices seamlessly. From there, we craft end-to-end strategies to manage it all, keeping costs to a minimum and pushing efficiency to the maximum.

Enterprise IoT Services

Our IoT services with mobile app development are meant to transform enterprises with Smart products and mobility solutions to bridge the gap between physical and digital worlds. Expert IoT services will empower closed loop enterprise operations, improve supply chain and product manufacturing process with enhanced productivity and cost-efficiency.

Business IoT Services

Leveraging IoT ecosystem, we provide expert consulting to help businesses to create a transformation roadmap and execute it with best-in-class business driven IoT mobile app development services. We create custom IoT Apps for Android and iOS platforms with Smart IoT solutions for Small and Medium scale businesses for diverse industry domains.

Customer IoT Services

Instant availability of data and by using real-time data analytics, we have transcended businesses with IoT products and services and empowered them with seamless operations. With our reliable IoT services, it is time for you to step into the digital future.

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IBeacon BLE Technology

Bluetooth 4.0 based ibeacon/ BLE technology can enable the businesses to collect more and accurate data about their potential customers. Allowing owners to interact customers in a smart way by notifying them through their smartphones when they are in nearby area. We have excelled in iBeacon enabled mobile app development for retailers, entrepreneurs and others to promote their brand efficiently.

– iBeacons Integration
– BLE/Beacon Based City Tour Guide App
– Proximity Based Deals/Coupon App
– Beacon SDK Integration in restaurant apps

– Heart Rate Measurement using BLE Sensors
– BLE/iBeacon based Museum Application
– Temperature & Humidity Measurement using BLE Sensors

AR / VR Wearable Technology 

– Ar&VR Apps

– Health & Fitness App

– OBD Devices

– Watch apps

– Wearable Clothing

– Wearable Glassware

– Wristband App

The constant innovations in hardware technology has enabled businesses to think about a phone less wearable interface. We deliver best-in-class services for Android and iOS compatible wearable mobile app development at affordable prices.

– Smart Band/ Wearable Mobile App Development
– Apple Watch App Development
– Bluetooth Belts
– Custom mobile app development
– GPS Watches

– Google Glass Application development
– Augmented Reality App Development
– Activity Tracker Wearable (fitbit) applications

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Voice Enabled Technology 

Voice command and smart audio controlled environments are the next paradigm shift in the evolving world of connected communities. The advancement in the offerings by Amazon & Google in the smart assistant devices, has made it possible for businesses to think and implement voice control mechanisms in their user experience. We are one of the very few companies with listed Alexa & Google Home skills, in both global and Indian(Local language compatible) stores.

– Alexa Skill Development
– Building and Hosting Skill in the Cloud
– Alexa App Development
– The Smart Home Skill API

– Alexa Voice Services
– AWS/ Azure Integration with Amazon Echo
– Alexa Skill Development