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Quality Assurance Testing Services

They say no real-world software is 100% free of bugs or issues. The best one can do is test thoroughly and fix the issues found. You need a highly trained and focused software quality assurance testing team you can trust to do that. We at DigitalMenti are that team.

Independent Software Testing Services to Enhance Customer Experience

Trusted expert QA and software testing services for web & mobile apps using manual & automated testing methods & best-practices.

Managed Testing Services

Integrate our Quality Assurance Testers into your software development lifecycle for embedded quality assurance testing using either our world-class testing processes or your internal processes.

Project Specific Testing

Put a specific project or module through its paces with independent, project-specific testing choosing the necessary types of tests from our range of offered testing services.

Quality Audit Services

Customise the requirements and get a one-time quality audit of your project or environment from our software quality assurance testing professionals.

Test Cases Production

Enable your development team with high-quality test cases written by our professional software quality assurance testers.

Types of Testing 

Quality Assurance Testers provide high-quality testing services for the following types of testing

– Functional Testing
– Automated Testing
– Compatibility Testing
– UI Testing
– Localization Testing
– Code Review Testing

– Usability Testing
– Configuration Testing
– Load and Stress Testing
– Cross-Platform Testing
– Internationalization Testing
– Network Speed Testing

– Acceptance Testing
– Performance Testing
– Regression Testing
– Integration Testing
– Data Migration Testing

Testing Coverage 

Our Software Quality Assurance Testers provide testing for –

– Web App Front-End
– Product Admin Area
– Code & Databases

– Mobile Apps
– Specific Workflows

– Data Sets
– Web App Back-End

What Makes Us Different 

Physical Apple Devices Testing Lab

We have a large physical mobile devices lab. All mobile apps are tested on actual physical devices.

Innovative Testing Framework

We have developed our own, internal testing framework to speed up automation in testing for better, faster results to our clients.

Agile Processes Focussed

We provide rigorous training of best testing practices and Agile processes like SCRUM.

Constantly Updated Testers

Our experienced Swift developers are constantly up-skilled and trained for latest testing software like Appium, Selenium, JMeter, etc. as well as testing paradigms.

Security Focussed Software Testing

We take special care to sensitise our testers to industry-leading application security practices like IFSQ standards so these are tested by default.